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Balancing Baby and Personal time...please Help.

S.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hello moms! I have a 16 month-old daughter who's very attached to me and I'm a bit overwhelmed with my lifestyle. I find it difficult to balance my three roles: mo...


My Girls Ages 9 and 6 Are So Disrespectful to Me

G.T. asks from Boston

OK, I feel like I am losing my mind! I feel like everything is a battle with my 2 girls. I cannot ask them to do anything without it being a fight. Getting ready ...


Daughter Going Through a Defiant Stage-help!

C.P. asks from New York

We are having such a difficult time with our daughter lately. In school and church she is so good and cooperative, but at home constantly challenging us, talking back...


Seeking Schools with Good Special Ed. Dept in San Antonio

C.B. asks from San Angelo

Hello, I'm getting ready to move to San Antonio and would like some feedback on what school district would I get better Special Ed. Services from. I have 2 boys with...


Rise & Shine!

E.A. asks from Los Angeles

My son is in 1st grade & I have been struggling for a while with this but I just cant anymore!! He can't seem to wake up in the morning & now that I work at his scho...


Daily Routines

K.H. asks from Houston

How much do you plan your kids' days? Our eating and sleeping times are pretty regular, but as for activities during the day, I kind of let the kids (who are 3 and 17...


Getting 6 Year Old to Focus on a Task

C.F. asks from Boise

We have a 6 year old boy and it is hard to get him to focus on a task from getting ready for school to playing in a soccer game. How is the best way to focus him on ...


Kids Acting like Wild Animals!!!

B.C. asks from Phoenix

My kids are 6&7. One boy, one girl. They have always goofed around, but it is getting to be too much! The times when I find it most inappropriate are in the mornin...


Prepping for First Day of School

D.R. asks from San Antonio

My kids (9yo girl and 5 yo boy) do not have to many quircks about name brand clothing, and they have had a major growth spurt since December. Since quite a bit of th...


Support for 4Th Pregnancy

M.C. asks from Los Angeles

I just found out that I'm pregnant with my 4th child. My husband and I were getting ready to go to a more "permanent" form of birth control. I know that a child is ...