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5 Year Old and Not Wanting to Go to School

C.S. asks from Phoenix

This last week has been so stressful Every morning I get my 5 year old up and she lays around and when i tell her to get dressed she just looks at me. i go out of t...


Curious: TV During the School Week for Your Children?

L.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, Just curious: do you allow your school-age children to watch TV either before school or after? My husband and I keep going around and around on this. My ...


Ideas for First Day of School Traditions??

S.S. asks from Orlando

My daughter is starting kindergarten this year. She went to Pre-K at a center, but since she's starting school at a big girl school, I really want to do something ext...


I Forgot How Tough Mornings Are Once School Starts...

H.P. asks from Washington DC

Hi All, Another school year has begun, and my 4th grade son already hates school. I have researched to see if he has anxiety; to which I've determined that he doe...


Should I Force My Son to Keep Going to 4K School?

E.S. asks from St. Cloud

My son is going to 4K school this year, and it's his first year attending school. Last fall when school started he was excited and happy to go. About 2 weeks ago out ...


My 6 Year Old Already Doesn't like School!

G.T. asks from Boston

My DD is in Kindergarten. I chose to send her full day because - one, she is one of the oldest kids in class, and two, half day was shorter than her preschool days by...


Am I the Only Mom Who Doesn't See Her Kid(s) off to School

H.G. asks from Lancaster

JFF - My daughter is 14 and a sophomore in HS. I'll start by saying that I've never been a morning person - ever - and I'm a SAHM. I'm a bit of an insomniac and it'...


Homework Right After School or a Little Break First?

A.F. asks from Columbus

My daughter is going into 1st grade tomorrow. Last year I would have her come home, have a snack then do homework since she was already in school mode. Sometimes I fe...


Getting Toddlers and Young Kids to School on Time

L.E. asks from Los Angeles

Hi All, I am having a lot of trouble getting my two young children (ages 4 and 3) to school on time, especially when my husband is out of town (approximately 50% o...


School District Information

M.F. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone know how to find information about school districts and which ones are good. We are getting ready to move and want more information about school Districts.