Gestational Diabetes: Preschooler

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Gestational Diabetes

R.S. asks from San Francisco

I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes - if anyone has gone through this and has any advice, please pass it on!


Gestational Diabetes

C.S. asks from Dallas

Friday I had my glucose screening (27 weeks), and today they called and said that my levels were higher than normal, and that I should come in tomorrow for a 4 hour t...


Gestational Diabetes

K.M. asks from Norfolk

I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I'm a little worried. This is my fourth child and I was fine with all the other the pregnancies. I am going to th...


Gestational Diabetes

V.G. asks from Chicago

Okey I have been diagnosed with Gestational diabetes and after 10 days of carb counting diet. All number arein control except the high fasting number around 100 -105....


Gestational Diabetes

C.D. asks from Dallas

I just found out I have Gestational Diabetes. I really do not know anything about it except for the "big baby" part. I would appreciate any information. I want...


4 Year Old with Diabetes

R.C. asks from Boston

My grandson has just been diagnosed with diabetes, like last night in the hospital. He had been tons of fluids, peeing it all out, didn't want to eat. Parents brought...


Delivering a Bigger Baby Boy with Mother with Gestational Diabetes.

N.T. asks from Boise

Hello, I am 37 weeks along, and according to the ultra sound my baby is 39 weeks long as far as size. He is breech too. The doctor is concerned, that the babies shoul...


Glucose Test/Gestational Diabetes

S.W. asks from Dallas

I failed my glucose test and now I am very worried about having gestational diabetes. Does anyone have experience with gestational diabetes. What effects did it hav...


How Do You Know If You Should Have Your Child Tested for Diabetes?

S.N. asks from Minneapolis

Recently, our well mannered first grader has been acting out a lot at school and having problems on the bus. When we talk to him about it he says that he really isn'...


Just Got Diagnosed with Gestastional Diabetes

S.H. asks from Washington DC

Hello All, 2 weeks ago I failed my 3 hour glucose test and was diagnosed with "gestational diabetes". I've been watching my diet the last 2 weeks and haven't had t...