Gestational Diabetes: Meijer

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Gestational Diabetes - Menu Ideas

M.S. asks from Chicago

So I just recently found out I have gestational diabetes and am still waiting to meet with my dietician. In the meantime, can anyone who's been through it give me som...


Any Diabetics Out There with Advice?

E.G. asks from Detroit

My mother in law was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Can anyone share the name of a store that carries many sugar free foods (peanut butter etc?) Thanks


Is It Just Me?

K.B. asks from Grand Rapids

Ok, I feel a little ridiculous with this question, but it's really bothering me so I hope someone out there can give me some insight as to what's going on with my bod...


What Do You Spend?

M.M. asks from Chicago

I want to know what you ladies spend weekly or monthly on groceries. My husband gives me $500 every 2 weeks for groceries and gas for the car. I always go over budget...