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Toys or No Toys?

M.H. asks from Lansing

My DH and I both read a book called Anastasia. He has now decided it is a bad idea to give children toys. It encourages materialism and consumerism and is unnecessa...


Which Toys?

C.D. asks from Louisville

I know this might sound like a silly question but my ten month old little girl is not amuzed (sp) by anything. I don't know what toys to get her. I have bought the fi...



J.T. asks from Chicago

I am looking for ideas, some toys for a 3 year old, he is turning 3 on 8/4. I seen leapster has some neat things. He has a big wheel. Just looking for some ideas.



S.P. asks from Jacksonville

Hello moms... I have 3 kids and 2 boys and 1 girl.. My daughter had lots of dolls and stuff. My 5 half year olds soon to be 6 in june 27, He like to play with girl...



B.M. asks from Honolulu

So Dani has this intrested in my keys, and cell phone but has no intrest in any of her toys, she would rather play with something that is mine and not hers. She hates...



J.M. asks from Boca Raton

My daughter is 18 months old and will be 19 months old on christmas, i am having a hard time figure out what to buy for her. i already got a basketball hoop and a mic...



C.H. asks from Augusta

My son had mentioned a toy mower called a moo moo mower and a vacauum called ruff ruff vacuum and have actually seen a preview for it on the cartoon channel.I was tr...


Looking for Camping Gear...

T.B. asks from Dallas

Anyone know of a good place to get used camping gear...we are looking for a tent and a camping stove. I hate to buy new when I am not sure how often we will use it.


Children Wearing Protective Gear

G.H. asks from Chicago

I don't force my kids (7, 5, 4) to wear protective gear when they are riding their bikes, scooters, etc in front of our home. I encourage them but don't force it. I ...