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13 Year Old Birthday Present

Hello, My son is turning 13 and he is REALLY into video games. He has a computer and a Nintendo DS. We have asked him to give us a wish list with things other than video games on it and he can't come up with anything. He doesn't play baseball anymore. He is in Boy Scouts, but he's fully equipped for that. I'm at a loss too. Any ideas? Thanks, M.

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Where Do Your Tween Girls like to Shop?

As a follow up to my Justice question - where does your tween shop for clothes? My daughter is actually phasing out of the frilly stuff and likes comfy sporty type clothes. Suggestions? Thanks!!


14 Yr Old Boys

What are popular clothes for 14yr old boys and where do you get them? I'm...


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What to Get My 14 Year Old

My daughters birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I have lost for what to get! She has a phone already and computer use. She is really into music. She plays piano, and the ukelele. She's starting to get into makeup also. Something I'm considering is buying her some clothes at a "teen store". A while ago, she asked if we could go to Hollister. I told her no. I just doesn't seem age appropriate. We normally shop at Old Navy and thrift stores, and I don't see anything wrong with that. If Hollister doesn't seem appropriate to you, do...