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12 Month Snow Gear

Hello Mommies!!! My husband & I are planning on a South Lake Tahoe vacation and have a 1 yr old. We were wondering where to buy or rent her gear for cheap, since we will only use it once.


Baby Gear Questions

Hi beautiful mommies and soon to be mommies! We still have some "big" baby...

Clothing & Accessories

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Clothes from Target Do Not Fit -Is It Only Me?

Whatever clothing item I tried from Target, it does not look good on me. Is it just me? What is the problem? We have a Target store close by, and I would love to be able to pick out a few items whenever I can, but they just do not fit me well. I am 5'4'' and a size 6. I have a smallish bulging belly that I am trying to get rid of, but it is not that bad; I can still fit in size 6 (or juniors 7) clothes. I guess I am on the shorter side, I am not sure if that is the problem? The tops from Target just look weird when I try them on....


Experiences at Target

I just had an awful experience at Target this past weekend. I was trying to...

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Custom Crib Bedding

Hi everyone! I am looking for unique crib bedding for our new baby girl that...