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Having Descipline Issues with My 2 Year 5 Month Old.

R.H. asks from Denver

Rescently My little munchkin has started something new.. She has done the typical throw herself down or stand and scream fits for her age. We deal with those by telli...


Toys for a 4 Month Old

C.R. asks from Minneapolis

I have a beautiful, active 4 month old little girl. She is very alert and interested in surroundings but seems to be at this stage where she is not easily entertaine...


Teething in 18 Month Old

L.O. asks from Minneapolis

My 18 month old is teething, getting molars. HELP ME :) He doesn't seem to want to chew on teething rings and things anymore so I am trying things like pear slices an...


Seeking Free Baby Gear

L.C. asks from Detroit

Hi, I'm trying to be crazy-frugal in shopping for baby gear, because the less I spend on baby stuff we need, the fewer extra hours my husband has to work to allow me...


Adopting a Boy - What to Register for an (18 Month Old) Baby Shower

W.M. asks from Dallas

My husband will have the son we've been praying for in two months. Some friends from our church are wanting to throw us a shower - can you give me an idea of the "mus...


How to Bath 14 Month Old in Big Tub?

J.R. asks from San Diego

So my 14 month old dd has been in a bath seat for baths since she was 7 months old. I am afraid to bath her without it because she will try to stand up in the bath t...


Worried About Weaning at 1 Year

M.P. asks from New York

Hello moms. My daughter will be 10 months old next week and I'm planning to wean her at one year. She has been strictly breastfed (she never liked formula!). She sta...


Toys for a One Year Old

B.C. asks from New York

First time mom here needs some help on ideas for appropriate toys for a 1 year old! Wondering what your child's favorite toy was at age 1. We try to stay towards nat...


Old Toys and Lead Contamination

D.M. asks from Sacramento

My mother in law has saved all of my husband's old toys from 40 years ago and wants to pull them out for my 20 month old to play with them. He still occassionally pu...


Flight to Europe with 15 Month Old

E.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hey moms! Traveling to Europe with my 15 month old. Any advice for the flight or how to deal with jet lag? And how much to travel with in terms of food? Car seat?...