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Baby Gear You Can't Live Without

Hi Moms! I was wondering what are some baby gear items that you can't live without or just make life easier? My cousin (who is more my sister than anything, her parents took me in when I was younger, and we are super close)is having her first child in August, and he will be a boy. I have a 15 mo old girl so the boy stuff is very foreign to me. I want to help her by getting her stuff that will really help and not just stuff that will be passed on with minimal useage. I know what my favorites are, and was just wondering what yours were....


My 2 Month Old

My 2 month old wont sleep anywhere except in our recliner with me. We bought...

Car Seats

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Car Seat Napping - Safe?

Hello- My now 11 week old has graduated from 'bouncy chair' napping to car seat. I understand some moms do this and doctors recommend it (for acid reflux issues) but am double-checking on the safety of this practice, as I have read articles that the car seat should be used in a car only. Ideally, this should be the case, but I feel sleep is just as important to her well-being. I do not strap her in while she is napping & feel the incline is similar to a bouncy chair. She has been going down in her crib for bedtime (graduated...

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Best Clothes for Newborns?

I am a first time Mom-to-be and am a little overwhelmed by what kind of baby clothes will be the most comfortable for my newborn - any ideas?

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Swaddlegate - the Unswaddling of My 4 Month Old

My baby will turn 4 months in a week. For the past 3 weeks, he's been busting out of every swaddle we have tried for him. The miracle blanket, the Snug and Tug, the Kiddapotamus, etc. He doesn't bust out of it necessarily, but he figures out a way to wiggle one or both arms out. When he was 3 months old, we tried unswaddling him for several nights and he was completely overtired because his startle reflex would usually keep him awake. So we ditched that idea after 5 days and 4 nights of barely any sleep. But now, he busts out...


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What to Do with My 1 Month Old

I have a 5 week old son who doesn't like to be put down but we can't live like that. I try the play mat and he cries, I try his chair and that lasts 5 min, same as his swing. He will only go in the chair & swing when he wants to fall asleep, any awake time he likes mommy or daddy to hold him. any suggestions on what to do with my 1 month old would be great.


My 2 Month Old

My 2 month old wont sleep anywhere except in our recliner with me. We bought...