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19 Month Old Clingy Behavior

My daughter is 19 months old and still nurses about 3 time a day (more if she were able to!) She is a bright, engaging, happy baby with people when we go places. She LOVES to go bye-bye. The issue we're having is that when we are at home, her behavior completely changes, and she becomes extremely clingy, winey, and demands to be picked up by me. The difficult thing is that if I get down on her level, and put my arms around her and hold her, or even sit in a chair and hold her, that's not what she wants. She wants me to hold her while I'm...


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Backpack Child Carriers

I'm researching backpack child carriers and wondered what brand everyone out there likes the best. I need one that is sturdy enough to carry a child weighing 25 to 40 pounds. Usually backpacks are made for men's frames and wondered if any moms found backpack child carriers that fit a woman's frame. I already have my eye on some so I'm not looking for you to sell me one, just advice on brands that you like.