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3 Year Old Cries All Day at Preschool

My 3 year old daughter cries all day in preschool saying that she misses her Mommy. It has been 4 weeks now -(she goes twice a week for 2 1/2 hrs a day), and it's not getting any better. Does anyone have any suggestions? She does not play at recess, just sits by herself with her head down (saying that she misses me and her younger sister) and won't eat the snack or have any juice citing the same reason. The teacher recommended trying to set up a playdate with another little girl in the class but it is so hectic at drop off and pick up...

Baby Backpacks

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Recommend Backpack for Preschooler

My daughter will be starting preschool in the fall and I was wondering if you could recommend a backpack. Does your son/daughter have one you just love? Is it worth it to get a more expensive one from LL Bean or PB Kids, or just go with a cheaper one from Target or Wal-Mart? Thanks!


Need Backpack Advice

My 6 year old's backpack is ruined. We bought this backpack at a drug store...


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Backpack for My Daughter

Hello All! I'm looking for any suggestions on a backpack for my daughter. She is going into Young 5's (which my son was just in last year so I know how much paperwork will be coming home) She's just under 3'6" She's not petite but she has a small frame We currently own a couple of backpacks (for boys) Both are excellent in fabric wear ability and no problems with zippers (1) Potterybarn Boys' Mackenzie Preschool - This was a VERY small backpack that worked just fine for preschool but no further (1) Lands' End Boys' Small...

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3-Year Old Bedroom Disaster Area

My 3-year old DD's bedroom is a disaster area!! She has a shelf unit for books and in the bottom is two pink see through totes, two baskets and a toy box. It does not matter what I do or how we arrange the books and toys, my daughter cannot put her things away! She likes to clean things, but I think her room gets to be such a mess that she is overwhelmed. We have cleaned through some of the toys to give away, but she cannot part with the stuffed animals or a set of little McDonald's doll toys. She gets frustrated that she cannot...