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Stroller Help? Umbrella or Bigger?

I'm a new mom and in the midst of massive stroller research. Here's the deal… I really don't want a big huge stroller. I was thinking about getting the frame to put my car seat in for the first few months. Then, moving to a Maclaren or somesort of nice umbrella stroller. My one concern is that in this type, there are no snack trays! My sister says I'm crazy to not have something without a snack tray, because she's constantly putting cheerios in there to keep the baby happy while out shopping. My other option is the Metrolite, but I...


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Maclaren or Chicco

Hi Mama's! So I am registering for a few items I need-since it is the 2nd baby I don't need much. I have always wanted the Maclaren stroller-so those of you who know which one is better and is the Maclaren any different from the newer competitors like Chicco? For me, I want to be able to adjust the height or have higher handles Thanks! B.


Best Light Stroller

I am looking for a light stroller, but bigger and deeper than an umbrella...