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Joovy Caboose "Sit 'N' Stand" vs Kolcraft Contours Double Stroller

Has anyone bought either of these? I checked them both out today at Babies R Us and am leaning toward the caboose. I originally wanted the Baby Trend version,which has more storage space, but I like that this one pushes like an actual stroller, rather than a double. Though I feel like I'm putting my eggs in one basket if I do the sit and stand because while I am hoping to not get preggers again until my daughter (7 months) is at least 18 months, the fact is one never knows, and if I have #3 sooner, then a double would be more helpful. Sooo....


Walkers or Jumpers

I have a four month old who just wants to stand all the time. If I put him...


Which Stroller to Buy

I am looking to buy a new stroller and car seat for our baby due in November...


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Please Read If You Have a Chicco or Kolcraft Double Stroller

With the arrival of baby #2, we will be needing a good double stroller since #1 will only be 22 months. The two I am most interested in are: Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem and Chicco Cortina Together Double If you have either of these, here are the questions I hope someone can answer: 1. Does it hold a Baby Trend Flexloc car seat? 2. Does it fit in the trunk of a small car (we have a 2000 Mazda Protoge)? I wish I could get the Baby Trend (the one with 2 seats), but I tried at BrU and it does not fit in the trunk. I told...