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18 Mos Old and New born...double Stroller, Side by Side or Front/back????

I am due w/ my 2nd child in Nov, at that time my daughter will be almost 19mos old. I am struggling w/ what type of double stroller to buy. We have a really nice travel system for the infant carrier, and a dreamer design jogging stroller- which is awesome. Truth be told- i'll probably never RUN w/ both kids, but i would love to be able to take walks- especially since i'm home part time. We have a chicco infant carrier- so i'm not sure if it'll even fit in the graco double strollers? So i was thinking i'd just go w/ a side by side- but...


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Double Jogging Stroller

Hi I have been researching double jogging strollers and I have no idea which one to purchase. I like the baby trend double w/swivel wheel and aslo the Dreamer Design Ditto Light Jogger. They are extrememly different in price range and I am having a hard time trying decide on spending $200 or $400. Any advice and likes/dislikes of the ones you own would be great. Thanks