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Baby Gear Questions

Hi beautiful mommies and soon to be mommies! We still have some "big" baby gear to purchase after our showers, namely car seat and stroller. We both have relatively "smallish" cars so nothing clunky or heavy. Our neighbor keeps lobbying us to get Peg Perego but boy are they expensive! I could probably hunt down a deal on the 'net if there is concensus that they are the best but I am looking for more input. We are planning to breastfeed and I am aware that that does not always happen as easily as a woman thinks. Can you help me plan...


My Baby Gear

In having twins, I have found I have double everything in the way of baby...

Baby Backpacks

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Trying to Find a Backpack Carrier

My 8 month old is too big for the baby bjorn, and I have a structured backpack for hiking and such. But that isn't really great for the grocery store and around the house and such. Do any of you have any recommendations for what to use now? Thanks for your help!

Car Seats

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Flying on United in Four Days with a 7 Month Old!

I posted a question a couple of weeks ago on the same subject, but I thought that I should ask my question again now that I know specifically that I'm flying on "United"; Tuesday I'm flying out to met my friend and then fly with her to her dad's in Florida. I need some advice as to what to pack and bring for my 7 month old. I have a list of things that I want to take but I know they have a luggage limit as to what you can bring: I'm planning on bringing a suitcase for me and her clothes and then her pack and play (it rolls up into a small...


2Nd Hand Stuff

My baby is almost here and we are buying most things second hand like the...


Holding Own Bottle

My 4 m/o tries to hold her own bottle. I use the playtex dropins and the...

Carriers & Slings

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What's the Best Baby Carrier?

I want to buy a type of pouch baby carrier, but I am not sure if it really does the job. Looking for something comfortable for me and the baby and easy to put on. Can you moms recommend me which one is the best (sling ring, baby wrap, playtex, babyjorn???)

Clothing & Accessories

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Nipple Seen Through Clothes - What Can I Suggest to My Friend?

I wear padded bras , so this has not been an issue for M.. But today was talking to my friend, who is a 34D or 36D, so she doesn't want to use a padded bra. She already feels huge up there. And she always wears clothes that can hide her nipples and she feels sad not being able to wear all the clothes she wants to this summer. She is very conscious about it. I don't know what else she could try. Would nipple covers worn inside a bra work - without making her look even bigger?? Any other suggestions for her?

Furniture & Bedding

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Recommended Baby Items for 1St Time Momma

My husband and I are expecting our first child in July. This will be the first grandchild on both sides and his mom is dying to hit the store! She would like for us to register (which is fine) but we're not sure what to register for. Besides the obvious - crib, bedding, stroller, car seat - is there anything that you recommend? We'd like to make sure that we cover all the bases and with all the gear and gadgets out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. Thanks for your help!