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Sun Screen for Highly Allergic Child

hi moms! i have a 20 month old who is allergic to EVERYTHING from foods to meds and everything in between. this is a new thing, this time last year he had no health issues and i could change detergents, buy cheap wipes, and he never had a reaction. but for whatever reason all his issues are popping up now. my question is, what sun screen can i try for children with sensitive skin? i tried aveeno baby and water babies and both caused a rash. Any suggestions?

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Johnson and Johnson's Products?

Hi all, I have never heard anything negative about Johnson's products until recently. I've heard from two different people in the past couple of weeks that they aren't recommended for babies. Neither person could remember where they heard/read the information or why they weren't good to use, so there was really no backing. However, I'd like to know what you have all read about and maybe where you got your info about why their products might be less than great for my toddler. The talk's got me worried! Thanks!