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North County Consignment Store for Kids Clothes and Gear

My son grows so fast, he's only 7months and wears 18month clothes!!! I can't keep up $$$ with his new wardrobe every month. Do any of you ladies know where I can find a good children's consignment store in the North County? Also, we're expecting #2 so I'll need a double stroller and would really prefer not to spend $300+ for it. TIA


Best Jogging Stroller

I am looking for your opinions on jogging strollers. I am hoping to find one...

Bikes & Scooters

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Bike, Trike, or Quad?

Ok, it's my turn to ask for help. My oldest is 3.5 years old, turns 4 in February and we're thinking about buying him a bike for Christmas or his birthday. He's big for his age so we're not sure whether to get him a bike with training wheels, a trike, or maybe a Kettcar which is like a go-kart or soapbox vehicle. I'm not sure he can handle a bike at this point even if it has training wheels on it. I'd be afraid he would fall off and never want to try again. There is a Schwinn tricycle that I like a lot, it looks very nice, not baby-ish...


Big Boy Bike

my sons 4th birthday is comming up and i was thinking about getting him a...


Repainting a Scooter

I thinking about getting my 5 yr old boy a 2 wheel scooter like the razor or...

Car Seats

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Suggestion on Jogger Strollers

I am expecting my first baby in about two months and still trying to decide on the right stroller. I would ultimately love to get a jogger stroller that I can attach the infant car seat to, but also know a good jogger with a seat attachment can be a bit pricey. Because winter will get going shortly after the baby is born, I don't imagine using a stroller much until the spring, but maybe I'm naive. I guess my main questions are: Does anyone have any suggestions/experience with jogger strollers on the bike paths of Lincoln? & Would it...


Car Seat ?

My son is 11 months and weighs about 22 pounds, woould it be okay to turn...


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Stroller or No Stroller?

My husband, daughter and I ar flying to Disney World on Saturday. We've got a 3 hour lay-over in Dallas. We're going to be using the car seat for our 2yo on the airplane. We're undecided on whether to take a stroller or not. We're meeting my in-laws there, so we'll have them to help carry Penny if she gets tired at DW, and we could always rent a stroller there. But I was thinking more about the airport. We're going to have a tired 2yo and a car seat to lug around. Should we bring a stroller so that it can either carry her or the...


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Looking for a Good Jogging Stroller

Hi ladies - I am in need of a good (inexpensive) jogging stroller with 2 seats. I have looked at Baby Trend(Babies 'R Us), Schwinn (Walmart), and InSTEP (Walmart). Does anyone have one that they particularly like or dislike? I'm not wanting to spend much more than $200. Thanks!