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Baby Gear Questions

Hi beautiful mommies and soon to be mommies! We still have some "big" baby gear to purchase after our showers, namely car seat and stroller. We both have relatively "smallish" cars so nothing clunky or heavy. Our neighbor keeps lobbying us to get Peg Perego but boy are they expensive! I could probably hunt down a deal on the 'net if there is concensus that they are the best but I am looking for more input. We are planning to breastfeed and I am aware that that does not always happen as easily as a woman thinks. Can you help me plan...


My Baby Gear

In having twins, I have found I have double everything in the way of baby...

Carriers & Slings

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What's the Best Baby Carrier?

I want to buy a type of pouch baby carrier, but I am not sure if it really does the job. Looking for something comfortable for me and the baby and easy to put on. Can you moms recommend me which one is the best (sling ring, baby wrap, playtex, babyjorn???)

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How to Get Rid of GAS in an Infant

Does anyone have an ideas how to get rid of GAS? My daughter is only 1 month old, and has gas so bad, that she cries after she eats. I've tried rubbing her stomach, mylicon drops, warm compresses on her stomach, warm baths and laying her on my stomach. I don't lay her down after she eats for 30 mins, then I lay her down, but she cries from the gas. She is bottle feed with breast milk and formula. I have tried to just breast feed, but she wont latch on.. I'm open to any suggestion to get rid of the gas. Thank you for all your help, it's...


Advice? Baby List

What were some things that you jay couldn't live without when you had a baby...


Baby Shower Questions

Hello! I am 20 weeks pregnant and am starting to think about registering for...