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12 Month Snow Gear

Hello Mommies!!! My husband & I are planning on a South Lake Tahoe vacation and have a 1 yr old. We were wondering where to buy or rent her gear for cheap, since we will only use it once.

Car Seats

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Car Seat and Diaper Bag

Hi! I'm looking for a convertible/combination car seat. I want one of those that can be used from 22 lbs with the 5 point harness and then remove the back and be used with the car seat belt. My budget is $ 200 max. I'm also looking for a diaper bag. Either backpack/tote or messenger. My budget is $ 50 max. Any suggestions are welcome!!! Txs everybody and have a great day! Note: I already have the infant car seat so the car seat that I'm looking for if for after that one. Forward facing, 22 lbs to 60 lbs aprox with harness, 60 lbs...

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Car Seat Backpack and Air Travel

Hi! I have an 8 week old adorable baby girl and I plan to be doing some traveling without my hubby. Since I plan to go alone, I need some advice on travel gear. I am thinking of buying a car seat backpack, any thoughts on which one or different style? What other travel gear makes life easier, such as an infant travel bed? What things were helpful to you and what would you bring next time? Last question, what airlines are the best that will give you an extra seat if available?


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How to Dress Infant for Cold Weather

My daughter is 6 months old and the recent cool weather made me realize we'll need some warm outerwear for the winter months ahead. I'm wondering if other moms can tell me what is the easiest way to dress babies for cold weather. Should I get a snowsuit? What about mittens - will babies keep them on? Do you find that jackets, etc make babies too bulky for their carseats? What items are worth purchasing?