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Camping with an Infant

Hi Moms, We are planning on camping this summer with our 11 month old. I was wondering if any of you could give me advice on what to bring? And if you have any suggestions on Camping Gear for babies, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, any other advice you can give for us as we attempt to camp with an infant. He is not walking or even crawling yet but he does roll everywhere! Thank you!


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Need a Running Stroller (BOB, Kelty or Baby Jogger?)

Hi, My daughter turns 6 mo this weekend and I would like to start running with her. I'm looking to get a good running stroller. However, most of the reviews of the "jogging" strollers that I've read have been from non-runners or joggers. Are there any runners out there who can advise on the good and bad points of the stroller she is using? What do you wish it did that it doesn't do? Is there one that you've seen a running partner use that you'd rather have? I've been looking at the BOB Ironman, the 2006 BOB Sport Utility, the...