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Has Anyone Used Gro Baby??

J.P. asks from Salt Lake City

I have recently switched to cloth diaper. I am currently using bum genius OS but when we go out we are using Gdiapers. Due to cost I would rather use cloth when we go...


Advice About Cloth AIO or Pocket Diapers

A.K. asks from Boston

I'm switching from disposables to gdiapers and cloth and can't decide about which cloth AIO diapers to use. I'm considering Happy Heinys, bumGenius, BerryPlush, etc....


Disposable Diaper Recommendation for a Cloth Diaperer

D.L. asks from Janesville-Beloit

I use cloth diapers and love it, but we have 3 trips planned over the next couple of months where it won't be feasible for me to wash cloth diapers. I need a disposa...


"G Diaper" Information...

K.W. asks from Honolulu

Wondering if anyone has some personal feedback on the "G-Diapers"? I read about the product in my OB's office and was thinking about trying them out on my new daught...


Green Nighttime Diapers

J.M. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, When my son was in diapers we used gdiapers (flushable). At night, gdiapers weren't enough so we always used pull-ups. My son still uses pull-ups at naps an...


G Diapers?

L.B. asks from Chicago

Has anyone out there tried G-Diapers? What did you think of them? We are cloth diapering our 6 1/2 month old but using disposables when we're out and about. Probl...


Are Gdiaers Any Good?

E.C. asks from Houston

Hi, moms. I had my baby last friday and he already has a mild diaper rash despite me changing him on average every 2 hours. I've heard about gdiapers, they don't have...


Anyone Use Cloth Diapers??? Gdiaper???

M.S. asks from Chicago

Im a 26yr mom to two boys and we are expecting our 3rd (BOY)(my husbands 4th this Dec. I just learned about Gdiapers and would like to talk with someone...


Cloth Diapers Vs. Disposable?

A.W. asks from Seattle

I was wondering what you ladies thought of cloth diapers vs. disposables? I used Pampers with my first child and spent a fortune, especially the first several months...


bumGenius Cloth Diapers?

S.S. asks from Glens Falls

Has anyone used the bumGenius cloth diapers? Good or bad experiences? Any other brands you would recommend? (Preferably ones that do not require you to buy the flus...