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G-diapers: Opinions, Advice, Suggestions?

S.G. asks from Boston

My daughter is close to outgrowing her newborn diapers and we are researching which diaper to upgrade to. We are interested in the g-diapers so I wanted to hear from...


Gdiapers/ Clothdipers

H.G. asks from Stationed Overseas

Who of you moms is using gdipers or bum genius clothdipers?


Flushable Gdiapers

L.M. asks from Dayton

anyone using these diapers? i just ordered a starter kit and wanted to know if anyone had any tips or comments. thanks! -L.


Gdiapers, What Do You Think?

A.B. asks from Tulsa

Hi! I am a SAHM with a 19 month old boy. I can't quite convince my hubby that we should use cloth diapers, but both of us would like to be more eco friendly. I found ...


Has Anyone Tried Chlorine Free or Gdiapers?

S.O. asks from San Diego

Which is more cost effective? Right now we are trying Nature BabyCare diapers and I really like them. They don't seem to irritate my DD's bottom like the other regu...


New to Cloth Diapering with gDiapers and Having Issues

M.W. asks from Philadelphia

We are new to cloth diapers with my 2-1/2 year old son. The switch to cloth was spurred by 1. cost, 2. environmental concern, 3. I've heard it helps with potty train...


Bio Degradeable Diapers

M.B. asks from Phoenix

Has anyone ever used Gdiapers or Bumdiapers. They are a biodegradeable diaper?


Seeking Diaper Alternatives

S.T. asks from Chicago

I was intrigued last week reading about the gdiapers. I was also wondering what other alternatives are out there compared to disposable or cloth diapers.


Cloth Diaper Help

A.S. asks from Austin

What are the best and most convenient cloth diapers? There are so many out there....Also, with the gdiapers, can you just put in a diaper doubler instead of the store...


Cloth Diapers - Any Suggestions?

B.S. asks from Charlotte

I want to switch to cloth diapers but can't decide which ones to use. I found a website today for 'gdiapers', which is like a hybrid diaper. Has anybody used those?...