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gDiapers Vs. Disposable Diapers

C.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, Once again I could use your advice and your suggestions. We are expecting No. 2 and I came across gDiapers while looking for baby stuff. When our son was b...


Diapering Options? FLUSHABLE GDIAPERS?

C.B. asks from New York

Hello! I have a 5 month old boy and have been using gdiapers, they are actually new to the US from Australia and are flushable! yes really flushable! My question is d...



L.O. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I'm a first time mom-to-be, due in October 2008, and I just learned about G-diapers. I'm intersted to know of other moms' experience with them, how well they prot...


Seeking Advice on the gDiapers

K.H. asks from Phoenix

I recently came across a diaper alternative called gDiapers. Are there any moms who use these? I would love any kind of feedback, good or bad. Looking into an earth f...


Questions on G-diapers

A.K. asks from Green Bay

We are heading out on vacation with no access to laundry. So we decided for forgo cloth diapering for the week. I am wondering, though, if anyone has tried G-diapers?...


G-diapers with a Doubler?

J.E. asks from Rockford

I'm planning on using cloth diapers with my baby. I was told g-diapers made great covers that didn't leak, and just to use them with a prefold instead of the flushabl...


Gdiapers and a Chubby Baby

M.P. asks from Provo

Hey I'm wanting to try out gdaipers to get out of my cloth rutt. I want to use it as an alternative to disposables when I feel super lazy when we go out and about. BU...


Looking for Consumer Reviews of gDiapers...are They Effective?

K.K. asks from Columbus

I am considering the use of reusable diapers and have become interested in gDiapers. I would love to hear about some personal experiences with gDiapers before I deci...


gDiapers - Has Anyone Heard of This Green Product?

L.G. asks from Chicago

I am trying to become more "green" and have decided to change from disposable diapers to more earth friendly ones. Has anyone ever heard of, or better yet used gDiape...


Has Anyone Tried the Cloth Inserts for Gdiapers?

A.T. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, Have any of you tried gdiapers with their new cloth insert? Also, have any of you used the gdiaper system with your potty training toddlers? I was thinki...