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Problems with Gas

S.C. asks from New York

My son is 9 weeks old and has lots of gas. It wouldn't be a problem but it interupts his sleep. He doesn't wake up but he doesn't rest as peacefully and neither do ...


Infant Gas

C.S. asks from Harrisburg

I have a 5 week old. He wakes up a lot during the night due to gas pains. He is breast fed. He also screams during the day on and off. He is really happy and than...


Gas Grills

J.V. asks from Chicago

We bought a Charboil gas grill 5 years ago for roughly 500 bucks. Needless to say, it needs help, new grates, etc. New grates will run us about 120 bucks. I'm thi...


Baby Gas

J.S. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for some help regarding gas pain with my 21/2 month old baby boy. I have tried Allimentum,Lacto free Emfamil and Isomil Soy, I am back on the Soy now a...


Mom's Gas!

L.Z. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone! This is kind of embarassing, but ever since I had my second child 7 months ago, I have had gas constantly. Some days it's worse than others, but it doe...


Newborn Gas

D.R. asks from Denver

My newborn son who is now 6 weeks old gets bad gas around 4-6 am every morning and is obviously uncomfortable and does not sleep well during these hours. He gets a fu...


Colic or Gas?

K.F. asks from Cleveland

My daughter is almost 5 weeks old and has just recently started these crying fits where it seems like she's in pain and nothing makes her stop crying. She went for he...


Gas and Constipation

D.B. asks from San Francisco

I am the Father of a 2 1/2 week old newborn. Both me and the mother are lactose intolerant. Baby started on a milk formula and later switched to soy due to heavy gas...


Gas Prices

T.L. asks from St. Louis

Gas prices are outragous and just getting higher. Well I have a lead on a job about 1/2 mile from my home or about 10 blocks away. If I get this new job I will be l...


Bloating and Gas

K.P. asks from Dallas

Moms, I have a dilemma. This question is for my sister and I. I for the first time this week was very bloated (over 40). My stomach was puffy all day (from under my ...