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Reflux and Gas

G.A. asks from Pittsburgh

Any ideas for formula recommendations/experiences for a 6 week old with gas and reflux?


Niece Has Gas

T.N. asks from Houston

My niece is 4 days old. She is having terrible gas. What do you suggest we give her? Help Moms?


Gas or Baby?

L.S. asks from Grand Forks

I am 7 weeks with number 3 :) Lately I have been feeling movement down there. I also have a lot of gas (TMI) but I know what gas feels like and this is sooo not it. I...


Soy and Gas

M.S. asks from New York

my daughter is 2.5 and allergic to milk. she drinks soy and has awful gas. i am thinking of starting her in some kind of school soon. i am nervous about her gas du...


Saving on Gas?

S.S. asks from Portland

I heard that turning your headlights on helps to save your gas! Is this true or not? Does anyone know any mechanics who can explain this. H ow would this work?


Infant Gas

K.S. asks from Seattle

My 6 week old daughter has terrible gas. It's obviously painful for her and bothers her most when it's time for her to sleep, of course! This means she and I both a...


Relief for Gas

J.G. asks from Philadelphia

Besides Mylicon, does anyone know of a really good remedy that will relieve gas in a 7 week old?


Gas Fireplace

S.B. asks from Dallas

We have a gas fireplace in a room we do not use often. We have extra guests coming and I wanted to be able to use it safely, but the pilot light has gone out and I d...