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3.5 Month .do I Have to Feed Her Rice Cereal and She Is Having Troubles with Gas

M.M. asks from Jamestown

My 3.5 month old girl began life with colic which lasted about 3 months. The last three weeks have been bliss not having to deal with the intense screaming. She is ...


6 Month Old with Sinus Congestion

M.G. asks from Atlanta

My 6 month old son CONSTANTLY has horrible sinus congestion. The Peds tell us to continue with saline drops and the nasal aspirator. Well, I do that about 5-8 times...


Nervous About Giving 6 Month Old Benadryl

S.K. asks from Seattle

Hi ladies, My six month old has been up with a stuffy nose and coughing for the past two nights. The doctor says she has a viral illness (no ear infection, nothin...


1 Week Old Infant - Cold, Stuffy Nose

G.H. asks from San Francisco

I am so paranoid as a new mom. My son has a stuffy nose and we try saline drops, the nasal aspirator and siting in the bathroom with steam but he still seems uncomfor...


Sick 2 Month Old.

A.S. asks from Phoenix

Hello all.. first time asking for advise. I have a two month old son. (my 1st week back to work and it's horrible) He's come down with a cold. He has a cough. No r...


Runny Nose

R.M. asks from San Antonio

My daughter who is almost 6 month old ( she will be 6 months next week) has had a runny nose for the last month or so. It seems to get better for a while and now it ...


3 Month Old Gets Very Fussy While Breastfeeding

J.G. asks from Baton Rouge

My 3-month old daughter has been doing really well with breastfeeding... thriving and growing. But in the last few days she has been very fussy whenever she's hungry...


First Cold for 9 Month Old! Ugh!

H.B. asks from Phoenix

My 9 month old daughter just came down with her first cold (stuffy/ runny nose, cough, sneezing, raspy throat, and mild fever) and its been a not so good day for us. ...


Milk Allergy or Reflux Please Help

B.V. asks from Biloxi

My 6 week old has had excessive mucos in his nose and throat which has been causing him to gag for the past 4 weeks. He drinks 4 oz every 2 hours, he does not make it...


8 Month Old Iwith Recurring Low Grade Fevers

A.B. asks from Portland

I have an 8 month old daugher. She was 4 week early at birth and wieghed 6lbs 9oz. She droped to 5lbs in the first couple of days and has remained in the 5% for weigh...