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Items for Changing Table

B.R. asks from Dallas

We are expecting our first child in a few weeks and I'm trying to get all the last minute items together. What items do you usually have in your changing table? I a...


3 Month Old Gets Very Fussy While Breastfeeding

J.G. asks from Baton Rouge

My 3-month old daughter has been doing really well with breastfeeding... thriving and growing. But in the last few days she has been very fussy whenever she's hungry...


First Cold for 9 Month Old! Ugh!

H.B. asks from Phoenix

My 9 month old daughter just came down with her first cold (stuffy/ runny nose, cough, sneezing, raspy throat, and mild fever) and its been a not so good day for us. ...


Sick Baby

D.R. asks from Albany

My 9 month old has had diarrhea for 4-5 days. He has thrown up like 2-3 times in the beginning but hasn't since. He had a small fever for the first time today (like 1...


Rookie Moms Newborn Questions

H.J. asks from Chicago

Hello all! I have a few questions I'm hoping you can help me with... I've been told bumpers are bad (SIDS) is it ever OK to use bumpers (at what age)? we are exp...


Seeking Advice from Other Mum's About How to Deal with a Sick Baby

H.F. asks from Portland

My baby girl has been going to daycare for 4 months and is constantly sick all the time. Now she has a runny nose, severe cough and mucusy stools. The doctors can'...


What Do You Wish You'd Registered For, but Didn't?

G.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, I'm trying to get baby shower gift ideas. Do you have any ideas for cool gifts, or for something you wish you'd register for? Thanks!


What Do You Do to Prepare for a Storm?

T.L. asks from St. Louis

We have our spare bed in the basement, water and food for the baby. Purchased new batteries for the radio incase of power loss, but what else can we do to help prepa...


Baby with

A.S. asks from San Antonio

my baby is between medical insurances, and I have no money to take him to a dr... he is congsted, and missirible. he is 11 weeks old, and weighs 12 lbs. does anyone...



D.P. asks from Chicago

I am wondering what others have done for infant constipation. We have struggled off and on with this for a while now, trying to eliminate certain foods and try other...