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How to Make This Cold Go Away Permanently

G.H. asks from Miami

Hi mommies, I need your help badly, my 15 month old son has had a chest cold from as long as I can remember, and because of it he gets fluids in his ears frequently ...


Ear Infection and Sleep

K.P. asks from Houston

This has been a very rough month for my family. The weekend of Thanksgiving my husband gets pneumonia and the baby is sent home from daycare with a fever. I took him ...


12 Week Old Having Trouble Breastfeeding Due to Grunting and Straining.

J.L. asks from Roanoke

Hi everyone, I hope someone out there can help me. I have a beautiful 12 week old baby girl and just recently, w/in the last week, has started grunting and strain...


Possibly Sick 12 Day Old

M.L. asks from Indianapolis

During the obligatory post-birth oohing and ahhing, some friends of ours came over last Monday to see our new baby and brought their 5 year old. After letting her hol...


Air Too Dry Even with Humidifiers, Any Ideas to Help?

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hi helpful mamas :) I was wondering if any of you out there are having the same issue as me and how you solved it. With the coming of cold weather we now have our ...


Difficulty with Bottle Feeding

L.R. asks from Pocatello

I have a 5 week old infant who has gone through a number of formula changes over his short life, is on reflux meds and gas drops w/gripe water (all suggestions from m...


6 Weeks Old with Mucus in Throat

K.C. asks from Houston

Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to get rid of the mucus in my baby's throat? She seems very restless when she sleeps and she spit/vomit alot and I'm thinking...



M.L. asks from Providence

Hi Moms, I have an almost three year old and a ten month old who have a really bad cough and stuffy nose (courtsey of another child at a party!!) They have had...


Relief from the Common Cold - Need Ideas!

C.C. asks from Fresno

I'm wondering if any moms out there can give advice on some alternative ways to get relief from common cold symptoms. I am hesitant to give my kids decongestants or c...


Congested Baby = No Formula/formula Substitution?

M.S. asks from Los Angeles

When your 1 yr old is sick with cough, congestion, runny nose how do you stay away from dairy or dairy-based formula if that is a good portion of their diet? Any home...