Gas & Gas Drops: Neocate

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Does Neocate Cause Gas?

A.B. asks from Dallas

My son is 9 weeks old. He has been on Neocate for about 1 1/2 months now. He has acid reflux so the GI doctor put him on Neocate. He does really well on the formul...


EleCare, NeoCate Or Nutramigen? Which Is Least Constipating?

I.Q. asks from New York

I am looking for a dairy free, soy free formula. Preferably the one that is the least constipating. I am leaning towards an amino acid formula of which I have only h...


Newborn Gas

D.R. asks from Denver

My newborn son who is now 6 weeks old gets bad gas around 4-6 am every morning and is obviously uncomfortable and does not sleep well during these hours. He gets a fu...


How to Get Rid of GAS in an Infant

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

Does anyone have an ideas how to get rid of GAS? My daughter is only 1 month old, and has gas so bad, that she cries after she eats. I've tried rubbing her stomach, m...


Infant Gas Problem

A.P. asks from Oklahoma City

My little girl is now 3.5 weeks old and over the past week she has started having really bad gas fits in the evening. They get so bad that she will come off the brea...


Formula for Gas Pains

M.M. asks from Asheville

Little man has TERRIBLE gas pains. We have tried gripe water, colic calm, and gas drops. Last night nothing helped. He is on newborn enfamil now and this morning his ...


Gas Pains Keeping Babies up at night...HELP

S.P. asks from Milwaukee

We have 4.5 month old twins that are not STTN yet. A lot of it is because they have terrible gas pains at night. They are primarily breastfed, but I do supplement a...


My 5 Week Old Is So Gassy! (Loud Gas)

J.M. asks from Orlando

Hi Moms. My 5 week old baby girl is always very gassy. I can hear her pass gas aka fart loudly from across the room. She is like this through out the day/night. I k...


Newborn with Acid Reflux and Painful Gas

C.T. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter is 4 weeks old and has been suffering from acid reflux and painful gas since she was 1 week old. I need advice/suggestions/opinions from anyone who has b...


Three-month-old Gas Problem

N.T. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I accepted custody of an 11 week old baby boy last week through the Fos-Adopt program. We are first-time parents and he is such a sweet little one. He ...