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Severe Gas in a Newborn

A.R. asks from Cincinnati

My daughter is 5 days old and every night except for one she has been up screaming with gas pains. Last night she screamed from 11pm until 4am. I can hear her poor ...


Breastmilk Producing Gas

M.K. asks from Lansing

My son and I are having problems with gas. First, let me give a little background about our situation: My son was born tongue-tied, which wasn't a big deal except...


Suggestion for Infant Formula That Creates Less Gas

A.R. asks from Chicago

Hello: I am hoping that one of you might be able to point me in the right direction. I am looking for a formula that creates less gas for my 2 week old son. We are...


Help Relieving My Newborns Gas Pains

N.O. asks from Detroit

I have a newborn. He is being formula fed and doing quite well. However, naturally he gets gassy from time to time and he seems so uncomfortable. He doesn't have to...


Best Way to Get Coupons

A.A. asks from Lansing

Hello Ladies, I am all about saving money this year and I am looking for advice on different ways to save money, especially on everyday name brand groceries. I woul...


Community Boards in the Dublin/Powell/surrounding Areas???

N.V. asks from Columbus

Hi Moms, Can you tell me where I can post a flyer for an upcoming event that is geared toward moms with businesses? I've only been able to find libraries (I thought ...


My Newborn Is Awake a Lot!

M.M. asks from Chicago

My baby is 6 weeks old and seems to be awake more than he should. He was awake last night from 7-12:45am and also awake yesterday from 10am-1pm. When he is awake, h...


How Long Will Food Stay Good in a Cooler?

J.G. asks from Chicago

We are going away on holiday soon, and last year we drove straight to our holiday rental. This year, hubby wants to leave early and spend the day at the beach. How...


What Do You Spend?

M.M. asks from Chicago

I want to know what you ladies spend weekly or monthly on groceries. My husband gives me $500 every 2 weeks for groceries and gas for the car. I always go over budget...


2 1/2 Year Old Gassy!!!!!!!!

S.C. asks from Detroit

whenever my 2 1/2 year old wakes up from her nap in the afternoon she is so gassy that she just cries for like 15-20 minutes sometimes longer! This has gone on for a ...