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Eating, Sleeping and Gas for a 5 1/2 Week Old

W.B. asks from Washington DC

My question has a few parts. First as background, my 5 1/2 week old is breastfeeding and gaining weight well. He was 9lbs 6 oz at birth and 11 lbs 2 oz at his one mo...


Slings and Wraps

D.C. asks from Dallas

What are your favorite baby slings or wraps and why do you like them? Do you have any slings or wraps that you dislike? I bought three different ones for baby #1 an...


Cry It Out?

H.S. asks from Saginaw

My newest little one is almost 2 months old, and while I love snuggling with him, he is making it impossible to get anything done lately. He normally is good at napp...


3 Month Old Has to Be Held All Day!?

D.A. asks from Panama City

My youngest child is 3 months old, and she is not happy unless someone is holding her. It gets even worse in the evenings, because she isn't happy until someone is h...


Traveling with 9 Month Old by Myself

M.R. asks from Sacramento

Hi all, I am traveling alone with my 9 month old son in June and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for toting around him, his car seat, a diaper bag, and a carr...


To Purse or Not to Purse

J.P. asks from Boise

This is a pretty random question that I have been thinking about lately, and thought I would bring it to you mommies for some opinions and experiences. I am in my ...


Help!! My 3 Month Old Baby Wants to Be Held All the Time.

N.R. asks from Seattle

I have a 3 month old baby girl and literally cant put her down for a second because she starts crying. I can't get anything done with her. Any suggestions on what to ...


Working Mom & Exhasted!

A.E. asks from San Diego

Hi! I just can't get everything done on a daily basis and I'm incredible tired. I want to pursue a career, continue studying without neglecting my son, he's my numbe...


Need Advice on How to Get My Daughter to Sleep Somewhere Other than My Bed :(

A.M. asks from Hickory

My daughter is 9 weeks old...from the time she came home from the hospital, she has refused to sleep in her bassinet or crib. My husband and I have tried every sleep ...