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Staying Home with 5 Year Old

A.C. asks from Tulsa

Hey everyone. I am a SAHM of a 5 year old little boy who is in pre k this year. I have two step kids, but they are not with us much. I have chosen to continue to sta...



D.W. asks from Los Angeles

i just had a baby boy on march 15. within the first couple of weeks from bringing him home he became very constipated and gassy. i breast feed and bottle feed for t...


5 Year Old Still Wears Pull-ups to Bed.

S.S. asks from Detroit

My daughter just turned 5 and wets at night. I've tried stopping liquids at night and having her going potty before bedtime...but she still wets. Any suggestions wo...


Should a 6 Year Old Get Ready for School Without Reminders...

L.O. asks from Detroit

I have a 6 year old boy.. and a 7 year old girl. I work part time and have a nanny come to my house to watch the kids get them breakfast and drive them to school. ...


I Am Having a Hard Time with My 6 Year Old Stepdaughter and Teeth Brushing

C.W. asks from Los Angeles

My 6 year old stepdaughter has horrible baby teeth. She has had to have a few pulled, and has quite a few cavities in her mouth. The last dentist we took her to put t...


Need Help...6 Year Old Needs to Gain Weight....

C.D. asks from Fort Myers

Hi all! I'm new on here and am looking for friendly Mom advise. I recently took my 6 year old son to his well child check up. He lost a pound since his 5 year visit....


Gas at Night Problems

K.P. asks from Houston

My son is starting to eat more table food and I have noticed at night he is waking up with gas. Before bed I give him Mylcan but it doesn't work the entire night. Dur...


My 1 Month Old and Gas

K.R. asks from Syracuse

I breast feed and I know you should have a certain diet but I don't eat spicy or anything (that I think) is gassy. He gets gas and you can tell that he is uncomfortab...


Infant Gas Problem

A.P. asks from Oklahoma City

My little girl is now 3.5 weeks old and over the past week she has started having really bad gas fits in the evening. They get so bad that she will come off the brea...


Gas And/or Acid Reflux

L.A. asks from Minneapolis

My little guy is now 3.5 weeks old. Since we brought him home, we noticed that he tends to strain when he poops or needs to pass gas, which I know is considered norm...