Gas & Gas Drops: Child

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J.G. asks from Myrtle Beach

any remedies for gas besides mylicon and gripe water?



N.0. asks from Mobile

OK mamas I need some more help. Chandler has been crying and screaming with gas all afternoon. I have burped her. Tried the bicycling her legs, Mialcon drops, gripe w...



C.D. asks from Canton

My daughter is getting over a stomach virus. Her appetite is starting to return but the gas is horrendous. It wakes her up at night. We can hear it through closed do...



D.C. asks from Little Rock

My 9 month is having bad gas problems since yesterday and she hasnt (we havent) gotten any good sleep!! Anyone have any suggestions?! Ive already given her mylicon dr...


Nose Bleeds in 5 Year Old Getting Worriesome

L.W. asks from Greensboro

I have a 5 year old girl that has nose bleeds. She gets them year round, more frequently when the weather changes from hot to cold and vice versa. She has allergies...


How Do You Teach a 6 Year Old Not to Steal?

D.Q. asks from Dallas

We've been having issues recently with our 6 year old son taking things that don't belong to him. If he sees it & wants it, he takes it. From school, a friend, the st...


Keeping a 5 Year Old Busy

M.E. asks from Rapid City

I have a 5 year old son who is always exporing. He seems to get into every thing. Some of the stuff he does even suprises me. I am wondering if there are any things I...


$6,000 Dental Quote for My 3 & 5 Year Old Boys. Am I Being Scammed?

A.L. asks from Sarasota

I'm still in shock from this afternoon's pediatric dentist visit. The dentist recommended $6,000 in "treatment" for both boys combined, stating that both have multip...


Flying with a 5 and 6 Year Old

J.K. asks from Sacramento

Hi Mamas! We are taking a long flight (5 hours) with our 6 year old daughter and 5 year old son soon. Our daughter will probably be content to color and draw the ent...


Reflux and Gas

G.A. asks from Pittsburgh

Any ideas for formula recommendations/experiences for a 6 week old with gas and reflux?