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Gas Drops Anyone??

A.B. asks from Seattle

Anyone have any experience or advice regarding gas drops and their effectiveness? How about Colic Calm (i googled gas drops and this is appearently a holistic drop fo...


Baby Has Paiful Gas Pain?? Help!

T.B. asks from Nashville

Hello My 19 week old boy is having intense gas pain and I dont know how to help him!! 9 days ago I brought him to the doctor because he was turning bright red and sc...


Infant First Aid Needs

M.R. asks from Chicago

I'm about to be a first time mom and am curious to know what pharmaceutical-type items I should include in an infant 'first aid kit' (not things like nasal aspirator,...


Can Diaper Rash and Not Eating Be Related?

M.G. asks from Richmond

I have an eight month old daughter. First of all, by the standard growth chart, she's about 2 lbs underweight (as in, off the charts) and the pediatrician makes SURE...


Weird ?= Baby's Booty Stinks

J.M. asks from Seattle

I know this probably sounds weird, but my son's booty stinks. I don't think its gas either. It's just so many times he'll smell poopy and I'll take his diaper off and...


Nonstop breastfeeding...normal?

H.L. asks from Boca Raton

My son goes through these spurts about twice a week where he cannot get enough of my breast. Last night, for example, he nursed for about two hours. He could have c...


Baby Will Not Take Pacifier

A.S. asks from Bloomington

Hi, I am wondering if there are other mothers who have gone through the same situation as me - I am breastfeeding my 7 week old son, and he likes to get his comfor...


8-Month-old Son Has Had Diarrhea for Almost 7 Weeks

L.S. asks from Chicago

I think the subject line pretty much says it all, but here is more background: On Aug. 24, I took my then 7-month-old son Michael to the ER with what turned out to...


Advice on Diarrhea in a 2 Year Old

K.B. asks from Albany

My son just turned 2. As an infant he had terrible gas from regular formula and had to be on soy. Once we put him on milk at 1 he seemed fine with it. In may he ha...


Rash from Drooling

C.M. asks from Los Angeles

My son will be six months next week and has been teething since he was four months. It has gotten worse and he is drooling all the time. He now wears a permanent bib ...