Garden & Landscaping: Toddler

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Squirrel Digging in Garden

Does anyone know of some way to stop squirrels from digging in your garden? I have a neighbor who puts out peanuts for the squirrels. They bring the peanuts to bury in our yard. What to do? Hubby threaten to trap them and take them far, far away to release them. When it's really bad, he's threatened to shoot them (he's venting, I think). We've just planted some strawberries in the girl's patch of the garden and a squirrel got to the first red strawberry. Our girls were disappointed. Any non lethal way to keep them away from the...

Lawn Service

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Lawn Service Questions

We are planning to start a lawn service next year. What do you love about your service? What EXTRA duties do you wish your service would do for you? How much are you currently paying for your service to cut your grass and bushes? Do you hire your service durning the winter months to shovel your snow? any ideas that would set us apart would be appreciated! TIA


Mowing the Lawn

Hi all! I'm trying to find some cheap but good lawn care. My hubbie works...

What & When to Plant

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Which Flower(s) to Plant?

I have a few pots and soil and want to plant some seeds in them. Considering I have zero knowledge and experience, can you recommend some seeds that I could plant with my son (who is 3) and watch them grow? They will be places outside, where they get plenty of morning-early afternoon sun. Last year, he brought home a small pot that they planted at this daycare as Mother's day gift, and it grew really nice and liked watering a lot. It made big purple flowers with multiple layers. It grew so much in such a small pot of soil I thought it...


Gardening and Kids

For those of you with a green thumb, what have you found that works well...


Name of a Plant

I am trying to find out the name of a plant if anyone is fimiliar with this...