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Gift Ideas- Board Games for 6/7 Year Old

S.K. asks from Dallas

For once I'm trying to shop early for Christmas and I need suggestions for board games to get my son. He will be 7 in the spring. I've looked at so many and I'm ove...


Math Games

M.K. asks from Chico

I am looking for recommendations for games to reinforce basic elementary school math (patterns, skip counting, addition and subtraction). I seem to see a lot for pre...


Favorite Games for Christmas Presents

S.S. asks from Provo

What are your favorite games or games that are fun/toys for the following ages; 14 year old boy 12 year old boy 9 year old girl 3 year old girl. Thanks!!


Best Board Games for 9 Yr. Olds

E.M. asks from Chicago

My niece is turning 9 this week and I'm considering getting her a couple board games. Would love opinions on favorites for this age!


Board Games for Teens and Parents

P.H. asks from Dallas

I'd like to find some great board games to play with my teenage son. A great game for 2 to 3 players would be ideal. Would you please share with me the board games t...


Multi-generation Games - Ideas?

C.J. asks from Dallas

We are traveling for the holidays and my MIL asked me to put together some games we could play - we already play (as adults) apples to apples and cards against humani...


Family Board Games

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I am looking for good board game suggestions DH and I can play with our soon-to-be-9 year old. We will leave the younger babies out for this one. =) Apples to ap...


What Family Games Do You Recommend?

K.L. asks from Erie

We have recently started a weekly game night for our family. There are four of us who play - twin boys who are six, my husband and me – although our almost two-yea...


Fun Camping Games?

S.J. asks from St. Louis

What kinds of fun family or individual things do your kids do on camping trips? We plan to fish and all the typical camping stuff, but do you play games or anything?...


Storing Board Games Without Boxes

J.G. asks from Chicago

We have multiple game boxes that are basically unusable. How do you store board games without their original box? I'm thinking of bigger storage boxes and paper cl...