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Homecoming, Freshman Going as a Group or Date??

D.D. asks from Denver

Ok other mama's and dads how did your freshman not driving take their date to homecoming. My son is going to ask a girl to Homecoming next week, but doesn't know if y...


A Mother's "Job"

M.L. asks from Seattle

Alright, ladies - I want your honest opinions. I am a SAHM to two children - DD is 4 and DS is 2. I love staying home with them, and count myself very lucky that my h...


New to Group

J.C. asks from Dallas

Hello My name is J. this is my first time to post here.... I just found out yesterday the after 6 years on my current job i will now be a sahm... which is very scarey...


Thinking of Starting a Teaching Career?

E.B. asks from Beaumont

I've been a SAHM for 12 years now. I am an official "retiree" at another job (I'm 52) that I stand a GOOD chance of losing or having my pension/benefits reduced by t...


How Do We Entertain 3 Girly Girls Overnight?

V.W. asks from Minneapolis

Very long story short, my aunt is in the hospital and isn't doing well. She was battling leukemia, had a bone marrow transplant, and recovered pretty well. A couple y...


Ideas for a Girls Night In

N.H. asks from Dallas

I want to get some friends together, we are a mix everything from a single seasoned mom to a single woman living it up. I need ideas that we can do, I don't want the...


Best Games (Board/dice/gambling) for Adults

J.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi mamas! I am doing a name draw with my siblings this Christmas and we agreed on a theme- "games". This is a very open ended theme and I am buying for my brother an...


What Family Games Do You Recommend?

K.L. asks from Erie

We have recently started a weekly game night for our family. There are four of us who play - twin boys who are six, my husband and me – although our almost two-yea...


Ideas for Games While on Vacation

M.M. asks from Philadelphia

I've rented a house in the Adirondacks for vacation for a week and have invited my parents and my brother and his family. There will be 5 kids (all boys) ages 8, 6, ...


Child Only Cares About Video Games

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

I feel like the only thing that makes my 9 year old son truly excited is video games. Not that he is depressed or anything...he is a generally happy child but it alw...