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Your Kids Favorite Games

A.S. asks from Norfolk

I am looking for board games or card games (anything non-electronic) that boys between 6-8 would enjoy. I am looking to buy my son a game or two that we can play toge...


Card/board Games for High School Boys

J.T. asks from Dallas

Anyone have any ideas of some card and/or board games that high school boys might enjoy?? This is for a church youth activity and I have no idea what might be popula...


Best Games (Board/dice/gambling) for Adults

J.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi mamas! I am doing a name draw with my siblings this Christmas and we agreed on a theme- "games". This is a very open ended theme and I am buying for my brother an...


Seeking Advise from SAHM About Time Planning, Etc.

A.K. asks from Sacramento

Hi Moms! I am fairly new SAHM and would like to hear all your advices on how do you plan your days/weeks? what activities do you do with your kids, so they would not...


My Son Hates Sippy Cups!

M.B. asks from Canton

Hi everyone! My son is 12 months old, and he refuses to use a sippy cup - he's almost completely weaned off of the bottle (he still takes 1 just before bed and if he...


The Guilt of Working Is Killing Me!

S.H. asks from San Francisco

Help! I just started a new job FULL TIME and I'm having a real hard time leaving my 15 month daughter. My sister-in-law is taking care of her and although I don't ag...


Potty Training My 20Month Old

J.H. asks from San Francisco

Yep, I know some are thinking...20 months old? But, my daughter has been copying me by sitting on her potty chair and let's us know when she goes in her diaper everyt...


Teaching Young Children About Public Transit

H.W. asks from Portland

Today my son's kindergarten had a great field trip, and I was so glad I signed up to be a parent escort. We did take our local lightrail train to the site (an arbo...


Team Building Activities

P.:. asks from Phoenix

I work in a professional accounting firm and am a member of our Activities Committee. Our job is to organize and implement team building or just plain fun activities ...


Need Suggestions for Monitor to Cover Two Separate Nurseries.

M.S. asks from Houston

I have a 20 month old with twins on the way in the next two weeks or so (I know... life is about to get REALLY exciting!). We have the Sony Babycall monitor for our d...