Gag Reflex

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Toddlers and Teeth Brushing

L.L. asks from New York

My 3.5 year old loves to brush his teeth, but he won't let me help him. He really only gets the front teeth, and won't let me reach into the back for him. He has a ...


Baby Not Taking Bottle

K.A. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Moms! I have a 11 weeks old baby that refuses bottles. I went back to work part time 3 weeks ago and my husband has to listen to her scream the whole time I am...


13 Month Old Is Refusing to Eat Solids. Any Advice?

B.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hi. I have 13 mo. old twins (boy/girl). My son eats great. My daughter does not. She has a very sensitive gag reflex. She was eating baby food pretty good until ...


Almost 7 Month Old Won't Eat

A.C. asks from Washington DC

I wanted to get some opinions on how to move forward. My daughter is almost 7 months old and is not really interested in eating. Further more, certain foods wil cau...


Difficulty Finding Table Foods 22Mo. Son Will Eat

F.H. asks from Dallas

Our son is extremely picky with his food. He always has been and is only slowly overcoming a sensitive gag-reflex. I experiment with different foods (PB&J, eggs, so...


My Daughter Will Not Take a

B.S. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is six months old and we have been trying (on and off) to get her to take a bottle since she was five weeks old. She is an amazing eater and is in the 90...


10 Month Old Sick

B.S. asks from Los Angeles

My ten month old daughter has a cough, runny nose and very low grade fever 99-100. She is also teething. Her cough got much worse yesterday and my problem is that s...


Crazy Question About My Gagging.

B.C. asks from Dallas

This is weird, but here goes.... For the past 6-9 months, I have had the most horrible gag reflex! The silliest things make me gag. My main offenders are mosquitos...



M.3. asks from St. Louis

PLEASE, someone tell me how to get my 2 year old from sticking his finger up his nose and directly sticking it in his mouth!! It hits my gag reflex, I cant take it!...


Three Year Old Still Gags and Throws Up

J.C. asks from Columbus

So Sam has never been a good eater. Threw up A LOT as a baby and toddler. Now that he's a little man of three years old, he still has those moments when the bread get...