Gag Reflex: Preschooler

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Gag Reflex

M.L. asks from Seattle

My 11 month old daughter has a really bad gag reflex. I don't know what to feed her, and am scared to try new foods for the fear that she will choke. She's getting ...


10 Month Old with Sensitive Gag Reflex and Vomiting When Coughing

K.H. asks from Milwaukee

My 10 month old has a very sensitive gag reflex and throws up very easily when he coughs. Ever since he was an infant, if he drank too fast and I didn't burp him oft...


Problem with Textures and Stron Gag Reflex

T. asks from Cleveland

Hi, I am a mother of a 2 1/2 year old and almost 1 year old girls. My younger one has problems with textures. Not just a little, a lot. Anything that has more tex...


How Do I Help My Baby Eat When He Has Such a Strong Gag Reflex That He Throws Up

B.R. asks from Denver

I have a 9 month old who will gag on any solid food that is not an extremely fine puree. When he gags, it is so bad he throws up his entire meal. I have tried makin...


4 Year Old Refuses to Brush Teeth at Home

B.G. asks from Bloomington

I am having problems with my 4 year old brushing his teeth at all at home. When he is at my grandma's every morning he will brush his teeth. My problem is he will be ...


My Four Year Will Not Eat Veggies and Has a Gag Reflux

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

My four year old son used to eat veggies when he was a baby. But now he will not touch them with a ten foot pole. I have just started trying to force him to eat them ...


4 Year Old Is a Chipmunk

J.J. asks from Las Vegas

Or maybe a cow would be the better analogy. Here's the deal: at dinner time, my 4 year old will take a bite, chew it up, take another bite, chew it up, and so on and...


My 3 Year Old Is Suddenly Afraid of the Dark and Sleeping in Her Room!

J.L. asks from Portland

My 3 year old daughter has suddenly started insisting that the lights stay on in her room and screams and cries. We have a baby lock on the inside of her door, so sh...


4 Year Old Throwing up No Temp

M.S. asks from Boston

my 4 year old daughter started throwing up at 2 am today. out of a sound sleep she woke up and threw up. we took her temp and found it at 98.6. she fell back to sl...


My 4 Year Old Daughter's Picky Appetite Is Driving Me Crazy - Please Help!

C.P. asks from Minneapolis

My 4 year old daughter will only eat things she likes - things that aren't super healthy for her unfortunately. She will eat some fruits like strawberries and blueber...