Gag Reflex: Older Child

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10 Month Old with Sensitive Gag Reflex and Vomiting When Coughing

K.H. asks from Milwaukee

My 10 month old has a very sensitive gag reflex and throws up very easily when he coughs. Ever since he was an infant, if he drank too fast and I didn't burp him oft...


Problem with Textures and Stron Gag Reflex

T. asks from Cleveland

Hi, I am a mother of a 2 1/2 year old and almost 1 year old girls. My younger one has problems with textures. Not just a little, a lot. Anything that has more tex...


Help-my 8 Year Old Is Very Picky About Her Food.

L.Z. asks from Odessa

I have an 8 year old that is very picky about food. She either wants something different from what i've made and if not, she won't eat. I can't get her to eat veggie...


My 7Yo Seems to Have Excessive Vomiting and an Easy Gag Reflex

L.D. asks from Omaha

My oldest son throws up a lot and it begins with a series of coughing. He has done this since he was a toddler. It would subside at times but comes back with a vengan...


Picky Eater Who Will Gag & Puke at Table

L.B. asks from St. Joseph

My 5 year old boy is an EXTREMELY picky eater (chicken nuggets, hot dogs, ham & cheese sandwiches and PBJ)...I've tried everything to get him to eat new foods or try ...


6 Year Old STILL Does Not Eat Well.

M.M. asks from Baton Rouge

My 6 year old still does not eat well. I wondered if anyone else had struggled with this. He has never, and I mean never, eaten a fruit or a vegetable. He will eat...


7 Year-old with Digestive problems....could It Be Celiac or Chron's?

S.L. asks from Provo

I am the parent of 3. My oldest, a 7-year-old girl, has had gastrointestinal problems for about 3 years. Lots of pain varying in severity, and hard for her to descr...


9 Year Old Refusing Medication

S.B. asks from Philadelphia

My son is 9. He has always given me a hard time taking medication since he was little. Any type of medication seems to prompt some gag reflux in him and he instantl...


Eating Concerns for My 6 Year Old Son

L.D. asks from New York

Hi ladies, I had such a bad mommy moment this am. My 6 year old son has become more and more difficult when it comes to eating. We offer everything under the sun an...


7 Year Old. VERY Picky Eater

V.P. asks from Sarasota

Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone else has a picky eater and what they have done to correct it. When my 7 year old was a baby, I had no problem getting him t...