Gag Reflex: Infant

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Gag Reflex

M.L. asks from Seattle

My 11 month old daughter has a really bad gag reflex. I don't know what to feed her, and am scared to try new foods for the fear that she will choke. She's getting ...


Gag Reflex When Taking Medicine

C.I. asks from Fort Myers

My grandson (7) has to take a very tiny pill each day. He has a very bad gag reflex. He has tried to swallow it, but can't. It is a time released caplet, therefore i...


Gag Reflex and Pregnancy

M.T. asks from Los Angeles

OK...this is my 4th baby and this has been the hardest pregnancy yet...perhaps because of the circumstances of my life right now....but I have a big problem going on ...


Sensitive Gag Reflex

M.G. asks from San Antonio

Hello All, I believe that my daughter has a sensitive gag reflex. Sometimes when she coughs, she ends up throwing up. This even happens sometimes in restaurants. I...


My Toddlers Gag Reflex

A.B. asks from San Francisco

Hello all! I was wondering if there is anyone out there with my same problem. My 20 month old will not chew food. He has had a MAJOR gag reflex since the day he was b...


Daughter's Gag Reflex

T.E. asks from Columbus

I don't know whether to be concerned yet or not, but my 7 1/2 month old daughter has had this 'thing' with gagging. She never liked cereal a whole lot (I think for t...


10 Month Old with Sensitive Gag Reflex and Vomiting When Coughing

K.H. asks from Milwaukee

My 10 month old has a very sensitive gag reflex and throws up very easily when he coughs. Ever since he was an infant, if he drank too fast and I didn't burp him oft...


Gag Reflex in 10 Month Old

A.C. asks from Kansas City

I have posted before about my son's disinterest in solids AND how he tends to gag & vomit when sick and needing medication or his nose aspirated. I am beginning to r...


My 11 Month Old Won't Eat Table Food - Sensitive Gag Reflex

A.U. asks from New York

Hi. Just wanted to know if any has a child who has a sensitive gag reflex that has hindered his/her ability to eat table/finger food. We've been trying for months t...


Problem with Textures and Stron Gag Reflex

T. asks from Cleveland

Hi, I am a mother of a 2 1/2 year old and almost 1 year old girls. My younger one has problems with textures. Not just a little, a lot. Anything that has more tex...