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33-Month-old Still in Crib with No End in Sight and New Baby Coming. HELP!

J.L. asks from Salt Lake City

We currenlty have one 33-month-old daughter with a new baby arriving in 2 months. She is still in her crib and still loves it, and can safely climb in and out (never ...


I'm Having a GIRL!!! Dreading Seeing Inlaws Because They Will Be Disapointed...

M.F. asks from Youngstown

Well we have three boys currently. I just found out today that baby number four is a PRINCESS! I am pumped. My husband is in shock..he was positive we were having ano...


3 Year Old Will Only Sleep in My Bed but Always Has Accidents

K.P. asks from Boston

I am writing about my 3 year old son zachary. He will only sleep when he is in the bed w/ me. He shares a room w/ his 1 year old sister who is an excellent sleeper. I...


Buying a 2Nd Pack and Play??

J.K. asks from Kalamazoo

My dd is almost 2 1/2, she has a very nice toddler bed in her own room complete with dora and yo gabba gabba bedding, which she refuses to sleep in. The only way to ...


Help with 10 Year Old Girls Room`

K.K. asks from Saginaw

My daughter has outgrown her baby room :( She has a white bedroom set (trundle bed, night stand, book shelf), a corner computer desk that is mostly hot pink, with a ...


My 2 Yr Old Still Sleeps with Us.

J.G. asks from Jacksonville

I have a 2 yr old little boy named Tyler who I adore. He is our last child, and I can't seem to let him go. What I mean is that he is still sleeping with us. I brea...


What Does/did Your 10 Year Olds Bedroom Look Like?

C.S. asks from St. Louis

My daughter is 10 and through the years has gone through many different phases. With that her bedroom is big mix of different phases of life. She still has her har...


Need Ideas, Hitting a Wall Here!

T.S. asks from San Francisco

I seem to be having the diaper cake version of writer's block! I've decided to add several more cakes to my etsy shop, but I REALLY want to come up with some unique ...


Feed Back on Child "Young at Heart"

S.D. asks from Phoenix

So I have an 11 year old that is a little immature as her other friends. I want to be clear that I am OK with her being behind in some areas of "worldly information"...


Big Girl Bed & Room

L.R. asks from Detroit

For Christmas we are getting our daughter a big girl bed (toddler bed) and we are going to do her new room. The problem I’m having is finding sheets, comforter...