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Seeking Dry Bed Mornings

N.F. asks from Canton

My 3 1/2 year old son has been completely potty trained for 6 months and now just started wetting the bed every night. I hate to put him back in pull-ups because he ...


Help---silly Putty

A.K. asks from Lansing

So my d.s. decided to go to bed with his silly putty and it has melted on his jammies, bedding, and comforter. I think he rolled just about everywhere in his bed last...


Ideas to Help 3Yo Transition to Her Own Bed....

S.P. asks from Detroit

My daughter was never a good sleeper since the day we brought her home, she's now 3 years old & I've made a bad habit of letting her sleep w/my husband and I so that ...


Help with a Child Who Won't Keep a Diaper On

C.D. asks from Saginaw

My wonderful 2 year old daughter will not keep her diaper on, I have tried everything I switched diapers thinking they were not comfy. I duck tape her diaper on and s...


Down Comforters

C.K. asks from Knoxville

Hello Mommas, I am looking for a new down comforter. The one we have has filling that is not being evenly distributed (it is fluffy in some places and flat with no ...


Where to Buy Only a Fitted Sheet

T.D. asks from Chicago

I want to buy some extra fitted sheets. Where can I buy a single fitted sheet? All I seem to find are entire sheet sets. I have found a few single fitted sheets but t...


Keeping Newborn Asleep?

J.C. asks from Detroit

Hi All, I have a newborn he is 4 weeks old today (but was a week late so it is sort of like he is 5 weeks old). He is definitely getting more alert (and started smi...


Crib Mattress

C.V. asks from Detroit

Im looking for an affordable crib mattress and considering the Ikea line. Does anyone have any likes or dislikes with these mattresses (specifically comfort and qual...


Suggestions for Nighttime Dryness for a Very Deep Sleeper

K.T. asks from Detroit

My son (almost 5) has been daytime potty-trained for 2 years. He still uses a pull-up at night because he sleeps too deeply to wake up in the middle of the night and ...


When to Give Toddler a Blanket

S.F. asks from Dayton

With the weather turning cooler I'm afraid my twin toddlers will be cold when they are in bed, particularly their feet since their pjs don't have feet and they won't ...