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Do You Use Target or Luvs Brand Diapers?

Hi, I recently noticed the huge price difference (12-15 dollars) between Pampers and Target brand or Pampers and Luvs. So I'm wondering are the cheaper brands just as good? Do they hold a lot of pee at night? Do they hold poops inside? I've always used Pampers and have never had a problem with the quality, but the price is getting to me. Are the cheaper brands just as good? Thanks!


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Do You like Luvs Diapers?

Luvs diapers are sooo much cheaper than Huggies or Pampers, so I am wondering if any of you have used them with your babies, and if you like them? It would be great to save some money! Thanks!


Luvs Diaper Question

I was just wondering if anyone has noticed if Luvs diapers have changed at...