Furniture & Bedding: Little Tikes

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Which One Would You Choose?

K.H. asks from Phoenix

My little guy is going to be about 6 months old at Christmas and I want to get him one big thing from Santa. So far, I like the Little Tikes Activity Center and the ...


Seeking Advice on Whether to Use a Toddler Bed

H.F. asks from Washington DC

I am trying to decide whether to buy a "fun" toddler bed for my little boy - age 3. I'd like to hear the pros and cons of it. My daughter had a cute storybook cotta...


Toddler Bed Vs. Twin Bed

A.P. asks from Dallas

My little guy is out growing his crib and is excited about the big boy bed. My question to moms is: toddler bed vs. regular bed? How quickly do they outgrow the to...


Xmas Gifts for a 2Yr Old

K.A. asks from Missoula

Can you please give me some suggestions on what to get a 2yr old. We do not do much gifts. I was thinking of maybe getting him a leapfrog tag reader thing. Do you thi...


Nursery to Toddler Room

C.P. asks from Chicago

Hello little guy is 2 1/2 and I'm tired of the nursery theme in his room and getting the itch to change it into a toddler room..Since we will be moving wit...


Toddler Beds

M. asks from Jacksonville

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for good quality toddler beds? We are looking to transition our 2 year old to his "big-boy" bed a few months before th...


Full or Twin Bed

S.R. asks from Sacramento

My son is 23 months old and I think he will be ready for a big boy bed soon. He hasn't climbed out yet and shows no interest in doing so. I just can't decided on a...


Crib Tent, or Toddler Bed?

S.R. asks from Kansas City

I can't keep my daughter (21 months next week) in her crib anymore! She is a fantastic sleeper, and I really don't want to take her out of her crib. Should I get a cr...


Looking for Kid's Table and Chairs

L.D. asks from San Antonio

I am looking for kid's table with 4-6 chairs. I want it to be sturdy and versatile enough to accomodate many activities such as crafts, eating as well as other forms...


Adopting a Boy - What to Register for an (18 Month Old) Baby Shower

W.M. asks from Dallas

My husband will have the son we've been praying for in two months. Some friends from our church are wanting to throw us a shower - can you give me an idea of the "mus...