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Can You Recommend a Soft Baby Bedding Brand?

Mmkay, so we started registering for baby stuff, and I'm trying to find a soft crib bedding set that includes a fitted sheet, 2 valances, and maybe a dust ruffle, mobile, and quilt. Every single bedding set in Babies R Us was scratchy and cheap feeling! Can anyone recommend a bedding brand that is soft and high quality? We'd like a neutral modern pattern, probably with mod-style animals on it, and we'd prefer contrasting colors like green and brown or primary colors, not all pastels. Thanks!


Custom Crib Bedding

Hi everyone! I am looking for unique crib bedding for our new baby girl that...


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Bassinet or Cradle?

Is one safer than the other? We are due in about 4 weeks and the new baby is going to be in our room for probably the first nine months of her little life. Our first was in a bassinet for about 3 months, then a pack-n-play for a couple more, then into her crib in her own room. (Sounds like I have seperation anxeity issues!) Our new bundle does not have her own room so we have to keep her with us for awhile. I bought a new bassinet, but it only holds up to 15 pounds. Then I saw a beautiful cradle at Babies-r-us and the sales person said...


Elevating a Bassinet

Hi Moms, My 5 week old son has acid reflux and the doctor recommended that...


Bassinet or Amby?

Hello Moms! I am expecting my first child and I'm not sure whether I should...


Bassinet or Cosleeper

so a couple of weeks ago I was planning on cosleeping with my daughter in my...


Bassinet to Crib??

When is a good age to move a baby from the bassinet in your room to the crib...

Bed Rails

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Bed Rails for Captains Bed

I am going to be purchasing a captains bed that has slats and no box spring for my daughter. I am looking for a bed rail that will be compatable with this kind of bed. Do you have experiences with bed rails (good and bad) that you can share with me? I would like to get it right the first time! Thank you!

Bunk Beds

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Bunk Beds That Can Also Be Separate Twin Beds

I'm looking to get my rambunctious twins a Bunk Bed. However, they aren't quite old enough for the Bunk Bed, but I don't want to buy beds now only to buy beds again in a couple of years, so I'm looking for bunk beds that can be separate twin beds until they are old enough for us to bunk them. Does anyone have a good recommendation for Bunk bed that can be converted to separate beds? Also, we need the twin over twin as I don't want fights over who gets the full size bed on the bottom, and I want to ultimately save some room in their...


Staying in Bedroom

Hi I have 2 wonderful daughters ages 4 and 2. They just recently got bunk...


Bunk Beds Again

After much thought, I've narrowed my selection of bunk beds down to two. The...


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Babies R Us Coupons???

Hi Moms, Where can I find a Babies R Us coupon (an overall coupon, not just one for the travel system, stroller or crib)? I looked all over online, and can't find anything...I have the 15% one from Toys R Us, but it's only for the the above items listed.. Thanks Moms!!!!


Cribs for Twins?

hi, i'm expecting twins in april and due to our small condo we truly do not...

Sheets, Blankets, Pillows

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Babies R Us or BuyBuy Baby

What store do you like better? What store is most helpful when it comes to Breastfeeding? Or do you go somewhere else


Pillow and Blankets

Hi wise mommas, I wanted to know when it would be safe to put a pillow and a...

Toddler & Twin Beds

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Other than Babies R Us...good Place to Find Crib/furn in Berks Area?

Looking for a crib/furn and wanted to know if anyone knew of a place (other than Babies R Us) to go in Berks or surrounding area. I hear the Amish make wonderful cribs but not sure of a place to go. Was also thinking of the Morgantown Furn Outlet Mall...never been.


Move to Big Girl Bed?

I am expecting another baby in November, my daughter will be 22 months old. ...


Big Girl Bed & Room

For Christmas we are getting our daughter a big girl bed (toddler bed) and...