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When to Move to a Big Girl Room

M.W. asks from Chicago

I know my daughter is too young now, she is 1 1/2. But just curious to see when other moms moved their kids into a twin bed. I was thinking this summer about convertin...


Older Son Living at Home

S.M. asks from Houston

How do I get a 27 year old son motivated to get a job and get out on his own? Please don't say "kick him out". That is what I usually hear. He has no job, no money,...


How to Encourage 8 Year Old Girl to Spend More Time in Her Room

S.B. asks from Fort Myers

My daughter is an only child. She is not that much into toys or dolls and as she gets older spends less time "playing" by herself. Its usually some kind of technolog...


Wall Art for My Formal Living Room and Dining Room.

D.N. asks from Chicago

I have looked at stores like Pier 1, Home goods, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Crate and Barrel and a few others. Haven't found anything I like so far. Which other stor...


Room Divider?

C.M. asks from Dallas

I am looking to make a room divider for my daughter. She decided that she did not want to be in a room with her sister and she wanted to move to the playroom. She has ...


Turning Small Open Den into Two Year Old's Room.. Need YOUR Help.

T.A. asks from Washington DC

I am CONSIDERING turning my den which is open, no doors, into my daughter's little room. Can I? How? What needs to be included in the room? Keep in mind the den is adj...


Room Darkening

K.C. asks from Washington DC

We've noticed recently that LO sleeps better if the room is dark. It also helps keep it cooler and in this early 100 degree heat here in VA, cooler is better. So, righ...


Room Parents

M.2. asks from Chicago

Hi - I'm curious as to how different schools manage their classroom parties / room parents. Does the school and/or PTO allow you a certain amount of $ per party or pe...


Advice for Unisex Siblings Sharing Room

Y.L. asks from Washington DC

I am in the process of moving... My son is 3 my daughter is 1... This will be their first time sharing a room since their always in bed with me.lol what are good color...


Bedroom Decor for 9 Yr Old Girl

C.A. asks from Chicago

I am redecorating my daughter's room and looking for suggestions. She is 9yrs old, favorite color is pink. She loves hearts, butterflies, peace sign, listening to musi...