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Advice for Unisex Siblings Sharing Room

Y.L. asks from Washington DC

I am in the process of moving... My son is 3 my daughter is 1... This will be their first time sharing a room since their always in bed with me.lol what are good colo...


Ideas for Baby Boy Decor

M.M. asks from Chicago

I was thinking about what im going to have for my baby boy decor and matching blankets, sheets ect. I have a few ideas little suzys zoo, classic pooh or precious mome...


I Need Help Decorating My Baby Boy's Room

C.P. asks from Houston

We are expecting our baby boy in about a month, and I don't have a clue how to do the room. We have everything ready except for the paint and decor. We don't like t...


Toddler Girl's Room Ideas

S.T. asks from Richmond

I'm looking for cute ideas on how to decorate my todder daughter's bedroom - specifically paint colors. Any ideas you have about paint colors or decorating in genera...


Nursery Ideas

C.B. asks from Rapid City

okay, i am finally expecting baby # 2 in april and need advice on nusery ideas. i have a one year old son that will be sharing his VERY TINY room with the baby. i nee...


Nursery Decoration Ideas

K.C. asks from Cleveland

Hi all, I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my and my husband's first child, and I'm already thinking about decorating a room for the baby. We don't intend to find out the sex...


New Places to Look for Bedding Sets for Newborn

B.S. asks from Houston

I am awaiting the arrival of my first grandbaby! Baby is due in late June. An ultrasound is scheduled on Feb. 4 to find out the sex. My daughter is looking for cri...


New Mom Needing to Find Mom Group and Play Group

H.G. asks from Dallas

I am a first time mom with a two month old son. My husband and I decided that me staying home with our son was best for us, but that has left me with limited adult i...


New Beds

T.C. asks from Portland

I have twin daughters who are 19 months old. The time has finally come for them to switch to toddler beds. We have them picked out already and today is when we move...


Baby Registry Is Making Me Insane Today

K.E. asks from Birmingham

Ok, maybe I'M just insane today (caught hubby muttering under his breath that hormones and OCD do NOT mix, can't say I blame him). I swear I'm normally NOT this much...