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How to Get My 4 Year Old to Sleep in His Bed in His Room

B.M. asks from Atlanta

i have a 4 year old who refuses to sleep in his room. we have let him fall asleep then put him in his bed. well we wakes up and is ill and mean. my brillant husband c...


Toys in Your Living Room?

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

People with small children and small houses: do you allow toys in your living room? I have 2 preschoolers and a 2 bedroom apartment. My youngest is moving into a bi...


How to Throw a 3 Year Old a Birthday Party?

K.S. asks from Portland

I don't know how to throw my daughter her 3 year party (October 25th). The last two years have been close family only, and I was fine with that. But since my B-day ...


Kitchen Remodel

K.P. asks from Chicago

Hello, Has anyone remodeled their kitchen with two little ones? My sons are 3 and 1 and I was wondering if we should just get it over with or wait a few years wh...


Do You Have a Boy and Girl Living in the Same Room?

A.G. asks from Houston

How long is it appropriate? How do you decorate? My house is a 3 bedroom I have two girls 6 years apart and a boy on the way. I think the two girls are too far ap...


Help with a Toddler That Creates Piles of Things in the Living Room

N.N. asks from Greensboro

I have a 3 year old that likes to create piles of things in the living room. She says it is her "castle" and likes to play with things there, but only sometimes. I ...


Getting a 9 Year Old to Clean His Room

K.M. asks from Salt Lake City

The Setting: Household War 1001, Messy room with books spilling out into hallway, very stubborn 9 year old boy is in the enemy camp...on the homefront..stay at home m...


Siblings in Same Room or Separate Rooms

L.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I have two girls (2 1/2 and 3 months). This is a bit premature, but I was wondering for those with more than one child, would you recommend having them share ...


How to decorate a bathroom for 2 boys and 2 girls?

L.S. asks from St. Louis

I'm trying to come up with an idea for my children's bathroom, I want to totally redesign it. I have 2 boys and 2 girls so I want to do something unisex. Any ideas ...


How to Prepare a 4 Year Old on an Expectant Baby.

S.A. asks from Stockton

I have a 4 year old son who is an only child. I recently found out that I am about 6 weeks pregnant and I have no idea on how to prepare my son for the changes to co...